What I'm Dreaming of................

So i've begun rethinking my apartment. Reading fabulous blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere and Apt #34, I began rethinking my whole comfort with no distinct theme. Theme has been picked: Anthropologie meets modern meets practical meets, well ME!

How amazing would soft blue gray walls be??? Ones that add a hint of color that can jazz up these dingy yellow/cream walls they provided when i moved in. Bright orange accents mixes with the Zebra rugs and chairs really adds that modern touch that's still uniquely muah! I am also in need of a real desk. Not the one that was built in between the bathroom and my bedroom (you stare a wall, not conducive to studying or being creative). I realllllly want a long white desk and the ghost chair! A girl can dream right?

Off to la la land to dream of the beautiful things my apartment can be!

Photos courtesy of decorpad.com

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