Ombre Hair

      When i hear ombre, i don't necessarily think stylish and fashion forward, but I'm really digging this two tone hair color sweeping hollywood.  Her in Texas and the surrounding states, normally that's considered white trash (too cheap to get your hair done), but Hollywood has picked up on this trend and made it cool.  I did it a few months ago, i'm not going to lie and I'm kind of wishing i hadn't darkened my hair to one solid color.  Everyone from Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad and even Julia Roberts have all been seen rocking this trend.  And very well i might add.

When i created my own Ombre hair color, i used a drug store highlighting kit (L'orel i think), mixed the color, and applied it from the middle of my hair, concentrating mostly on the last 3 inches to ensure a proper blend from red to blonde.  If you want to ensure you don't fry your ends, probably best to see a professional.  Just bring a photo to show the concept of what you are looking for.  But a proper stylist will know what to do!

{celeb photos found through google; my hair shot taken by me}

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