Get To Know: Clemence Poesy

       You know when you see someones face over and over again and you can't quite figure out where you've seen them?  We'll meet Clemence Poesy.  She is just lovely.  I'm kind of obsessed with her pouty lips flawless skin and messy coif.  I couldn't quite figure out where i had seen her before, but i realized she was Eva on Gossip Girl. She was also in Harry Potter because, well, lets be honest i hate Harry Potter.

       But i adore her for her style.  It's so easy yet stylish.  I love the knee length black dress with tights, oh yeah, and sandals.  I wear that and i look like i might need a fashion intervention.  Clemence wears it, yet super cute. How bout the bowler hat? Yeah even cuter.  Whether white blonde or golden honey hair, beautiful.  yeah totally have a girl crush.

{Pic 1 from WhoWhatWear.  all others from random google searches}

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