Baby it's Cold Outside

       Snowmageddon 2011, ah how you have reeked havoc on my week! First 2+ inches of Ice on monday, then 4 inches of snow on Friday? But lets not forget 1 week ago we had 70+ degree days! Ah the joys of living in North Texas.  Besides the bipolar weather, we have had quite the week that will cap off with Super Bowl 45 right here in Jerry's World! Aaaaagh i'm so excited for the big game! But not as excited as i was for the last weeks worth of adventures.  Between my thrifty finds at CCA to my bf Tiffany's bachelorette party, it has been a fun filled week, with only more excitement to come! 

77 last Friday- 17 this Friday! Only in Texas!
Thrifty finds from CCA! Less the $12 for all 5 photos/frames!
Congrats Tiffany!

We had a party at Scardello's! Wine & ....


And even more cheese! The Bloombonnet Goat Cheese was amazing!
Ahhh Snowmaggedon 2011! Blizzard of Oz! This was only the beginning.  3 days later 4 inches of snow!

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