Ombre {From Hell}

Backup to March of this year, and we'll see I got bored and decided to see if I can ombre my hair.  It took 3 tries, but i was finally successful.  Highlighting just a few inches at a time to create the perfect, seamless transition from red to blondish red.  I thought it looked good, everyone else said it looked good, so i gave myself a little pat on the back.  

Fast forward to August (about 2 weeks ago), I decided to make an appointment to get my hair did.  It was in dire need of a trim and if I trimmed off 2 inches, the ombre would need to be brought up higher.  So I asked my stylist to bring it up about chin length.  {Definition time: Ombre means a gradual transition from dark to light.}  I had faith, i adore my stylist, but apparently today was not her day.  There was no gradual change from dark to light.  I swear it looked like i put my hair in a pony tail and dipped it in bleach.  It was so bad, I cried for a bit, contemplated correcting it myself (dumb idea, just don't), and decided that a pony tail would be worn until I could get it fixed.  

The next day, Sunday, I made an appointment to see a new stylist and pray she could fix it.  So Wednesday after work I headed to the salon.  Paranoid I would be stuck with this awful hair.  Well 2 things happened:  1. It could be fixed (thank you jesus) and 2. it would have to be darkened (insert sad faced emoticon here).  It was fixed but I lost pretty much all of my ombre.  Lessons to be learned: back combing of hair in smaller sections MUST be done when a stylist is attempting ombre, don't let the stylist paint a distinct line of bleach around your head, blending is  your friend.  I will not see my normal stylist (if i do at all) in the morning.  She's better in the afternoon. And finally, i'm over this ombre shit.  Giving this another month and it's going to one darker red for Fall.  

{Can we see the distinct line?  I see why she curled it and never showed me the back} 

{It's like a (Burger King) crown of bleach.  Soooo bad}

How it looks now.  She did a damn good job fixing it.
{Not only did she have to add more bleach and bring it higher, but she toned the hell out of it to hide the ring of bleach}

{Photos by me}

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