Some time I ago I found a beautiful bangle bracelet at Nordstrom that featured Mother Mary that I became enamored with.  There was another bracelet with the zodiac symbols that I dug and dug through many times over trying to find the Aries symbol.  I couldn't find my zodiac, so after I purchased Mother Mary, I went home and began googling to find who the designer was and where I could purchase more.  And that's when I found Alex and Ani. 

Carolyn Rafaelian is the creator and designer for Alex and Ani, which she named after her first two daughters.  She believes that each person brings a positive message to this world and "by incorporating powerful symbolism and energy into each piece, the wearer can express their individuality in a spiritual way".  Her designs range from various religious symbols, to sport teams, to collegiate affiliations and birthstones. Each piece of jewelry is created by hand, is eco friendly and made in America.  

If you haven't seen Alex and Ani, head on over to the website to shop.  There's a piece that will speak to each person.  I promise.  

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