The distressed look is in full swing this year.  I remember the days when you were hard pressed to find a good pair of distressed jeans that didn't look like you borrowed them from your brother.  You know, too big and completely unflattering.  I remember going to the vintage stores on Melrose and buying too big Levi's and cutting them in to shorts, skirts or leaving them oversized.  

Well now a days distressed is everywhere.  And now that the distressed look is commingling with colored denim, it's only going to get bigger.  Distressed denim is a great way to take an overly perfect outfit and give it a little edge.  I personally love the look of a pair distressed skinnies with a ultra feminine blouse and slick single platform heels.  Or how about a vintage tee with Chuck Taylor's?  Cute right? well,  I plan on rocking this trend for a while.  In fact, I desperately want the white ones.  How great will those be this summer?  

How do you feel like to wear distressed denim?

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