Back to Basics

Even if you're on a limited budget, you can still invest in key pieces for your wardrobe that can withstand the test time.  Now it may take some time to get the money for a purchase quite this large.  But if you can do it, well, do it!  I've decided to quit making purchases on fad shoes (& clothes for that matter) and start putting a few bucks aside in my basic (shoes & clothes) fund.  The great thing about saving for a basic purchase, is we'll it's a basic, it never goes away.  It's not like the neon trend where, i will tell you DON'T spend $600 on a pair of neon pink shoes today and by next spring, your wondering why did i spend the money on these again?  So let's all begin today by making the Back to Basics pledge to start building a wardrobe that can be worn for years to come.  

{Shoes can be found here}

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