DVF Fall 2011 RTW

       Every year during this time NY Fashion Week takes place and I sit at home in Texas wondering when I will get to attend Fashion Week.  But thanks to the marvels of modern technology, i can spend countless hours perusing the webs for this years shows.  I struck gold with New York Magazine!  I've spent hours looking at various shows and making my own NY FW 2011 photo collections.  Several shows caught my fancy, while some, well didn't do much for me except make me turn away.

       One of my favs in particular is the DVF show.  Between the prints, her spicing up the her signature wrap dress or that Uh-mazing blue sequence dress, everything was just amazing.  In the wise words of Rachel Zoe, DVF's Fall 2011 was buh-nanas! I.Die. I mean, how much do you love Diane?  She is such an innovative soul.  No matter how many years she's been designing, she always growing and reinventing herself, but at the same time remaining true to who she is.  She's amazing.  She's a genius.  And well, she is DVF.  Swoon!

{All photos were found on New York Magazine website}

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