In need of ...

       Inspiration, desperately!!!  I've been in such a blogging slump.  it's not that i haven't bought/found/done interesting things (read- bought 3 new dresses & 3 new shoes). I just haven't felt like writing.  Maybe it's because i started my new job 2 weeks ago and it's taking a lot out of me?  who knows! But i did find some fabulous inspirational images and ideas that are getting me through this slump. Enjoy!

{Arms full of bracelets & fingers full of rings}

{an insane amount of platform wedges}

{April showers bring may flowers}

{Maxi dresses galore; despite my short stature.  But that's what those platforms are for!}

{grilling out and sharing hours upon hours with my friends}

{All images found throughout We Heart It}

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