Met Gala 2013- Punk: From Chaos to Couture. Ok at least that was the theme, but that's not how everyone dressed.  I feel like the majority of the celebs who attended the Met Gala, just gave up.  Extra eyeliner does not make one punk.  Plaid, spikes, docs, safety pins, bleach!  That's what makes punk.  At least when dressing punk.  Even with all the bad, and just plain boring, looks from the Met Gala this year, there were still a few that stood out.  Ina good way.  Now hands down, Gavin & Gwen were my best dressed couple of the night.  In fact, I think Gavin was best dressed of the night.  I love the plaid suit with the Doc Martins.  

Sienna just looks amaze.  You can tell she didn't try to look punk, she just is punk in her couture.  Love the spiked headband woven through her hair.

Never thought I'd say this, but Annie killed it.  Total commitment to the cause with the bleached hair! 

And this!  Mrs SJP with her Philip Treacy mohawk hat.  Just amazeballs.  SJP never lets me down.  Just gorgeous!

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{image 4}  

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