It seems to me that all the questionable choices in fashion that I made back in the 90's are coming back to remind me I'm not getting any younger.  **EX: white platform sneakers, Dr. Marten sandals & mary janes, Old Navy Anoraks, etc.  (As i type this I swear I can hear the sounds of the Cranberries & Lisa Loeb CD's playing off in the distance)  

And as glad as I am to see Dr. Martens & overalls coming back, I'm still on the fence about rocking a pair of Birkenstocks.  I remember wearing a knock off pair back in the day, but am still a little leery of purchasing the really thing now that I can afford a real pair.  Is this a fad that will end once fall gets here or is it here to stay?  With that said, I'll probably buy a pair to wear in place of plastic flip flops all summer.  Birkenstocks are great for making a dressier outfit more casual.  But please don't read that as wearing Birks with a fancy dress, but more like wearing a nice pair of shorts & a button up with Birks instead of a pair of heels. You know, for those lazy nights/days that you'd rather walk over hot coals then put on yet another pair of heels. 

What do you think? Trendable or fashion faux pas? 

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