The time has arrived! The weathers getting cooler, there's a crisp air at night, there's a loud roar in the evening air, and the pigskins are fliyin! It's COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Tonight is game 1 for OU! They play Brigham Young at 5 at the new Cowboys Stadium! I'm going to get the new TV today to start this football season off right! C'mon 5pm! Go team Go!!

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  1. are you an OU fan?! im going to the game next month against Baylor! woohoo! need something cute to wear, haha


    1. Heck yeah i'm on OU fan! I've even converted a few friends! You know what I've been looking for to wear? Those cute strapless tshirt dresses that say Sooners across the top. Say a few of them on TV during the TX OU game. I need to find one for next season!

  2. and thank you for listing me on your daily reads!