Ok just watched the VMA's for the what 15th plus year in a row?? Yep i'm old! There were some highlights yes, but I wish Mtv would please play more videos and music. I love me some Hills and The City (Sept 29th!!!), but damn pretty soon they'll be having the REality Show awards instead of the VMAs! Here are my top 5 moments of the show........

5. Katy Perry singing while Joe Perry rocked it on the guitar!

4. MJ tribute! Yes i cried during Janet's performance of Scream! Oh i remember when that video debuted! anyone else notice Janet's back up dancers? Tina, kris, anyone remember them?
3. Pinks acrobatic performance. Damn woman can sing, even while swinging 50 ft above the stage!

2. Lady Gaga! I get it, but i'm not sure everyone else does. She's not a typical music artist, she's an artist through and through. From the tips of her toes to that Where the wild things are hat! I wonder when the backlash on her bleeding costume will begin.
and my top moment................... **drumroll*

1. Beyonce allowing Taylor Swift to have her moment! As much as i don't like Beyonce that was an amazing moment! I cried much like Taylor did i'm sure! Kayne is a dick!!!!!!! I know everyone has an opinion, but damn keep it to yourself sometimes! She's 19 and you acted like a 7 year old at a talent show! Go CAPS IT ON YOU MAC AIRBOOK!!

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