The Dallas Flea Market

       I'm super excited Dallas is having a(n) (upscale) flea market this weekend.  I've yet to go to one in Dallas. I've been to the Melrose Flea Market on the first sunday of the month, but i'm hoping this weekend can be a mere fraction of Melrose's Flea Market if not a fraction of the Flea market in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. I'm on the lookout for art, furniture, vintage clothes and random little trinkets that look great collecting dust on my shelves! I hope to have a full update with pics and hopefully a few new items for my humble abode!  Here's the info for the up coming extravaganza! 

When: Saturday Sept. 11, 2010
Where: South Side Lamar Lofts 
Why: $5 entry duh!

{photos randomly found throughout google}

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