Closeted Dreams.

Back in July i moved into my very own place.  By very own place, I mean I purchased my first home. It's a lovely place however I am drowning in piles of unorganized chaos.  My first goal (one that doesn't require a lot of money if any at all) is to organize my closet.  My closet is huge and for 1 person its more than enough space.  I tried to organize it but stuff just seems to pile up.  My goal by Sunday is to have it organized by work, going out, lounging around and workout.  My shoes and purses will finally be organized.  Here's some befores.....

 See it's messy.  I can't wait for it to look like Nicky Hiltons, or even the Carrie Bradshaw.  A girl can dream right.  Lets hope the next post or two will be a completed and highly organized closet! Then i can sleep better at night.  No really, i will!

{i tired to add pics of my types of closets i want mine to look like, but the new photo uploader is awful and keeps deleting my pics}

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