The Exorcism of Roman?

I wish i could say Nicki Minaj was the highlight of the Grammy's.......well she was but not for good reasons.  Lets see...Adele won it! Beach Boys snoozed it.  Rihanna & Coldplay killed it. And Chris Brown...well he didn't sing it.  And then there's know Lady Gaga sat there thinking she could've done it better with some electrical tape and blood!

Anywho, what really matters is who looked fab and who should fire their stylist.

And the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is...... ok this is a four course meal so i hope your hungry....

Adele & Carrie.  Both so lovely in sequins! Simple, clean and stunning! And not to mention some of the best pipes in musicland!

Bruno & Rhianna.  I don't think Bruno has ever looked bad.  And Rihanna's design fits her body like a glove.

And the Runners up, if the winners can't full fill their stylish duties:

Katy Perry.  Yes we know you played Smurfette, but the blue hair must go.  Her face and body are so flawless its unreal.  Even from a distance you can see how gorgeous she is!

Jessie J.  Can't say i like her music but the severity of her bangs and the structure of her dress is wonderful.  This dress probably looked more amazing in person.

Now for my favorite part of fashion, the worst dressed! Please avert your eyes if you are easily frighted or have a heart condition!  I now present to you, Grammy's Worst Dressed of 2012.

Fergie sinned by forgetting the rule, no see thru before labor day, but don't worry Nicki brought her Pope, so she Fergie can ask for forgiveness.  Speaking of sinning & Pope's, Nicki's been punished with 100 hail mary's for this ultimate sin! i'm not sure who this robochick is, but how'd she get past security?  And Robin.  How i love your music, but the bipolarness of her tshirt/mullet skirt/wedge timberlands is too much.  My eyes hurt and now i'm getting a migraine.  Please bring back the Lady Gaga egg.

and just for fun, the men of Mumford & Sons! My hipster heart melts for them!

{all photos found on google images}

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  1. Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! Your sense of style is fantastic too!!! Absolutely brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check out your blog!