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          I know it's been a while (ok a long while) but things have been quite chaotic here.  I've been pouring over a project for the last 6 months at work and it finally came to an end earlier this week.  The hard work, extra hours, and working weekends has paid off, but shoot, now what do i do with my free time?  Who cares, I get to sleep in on Saturdays!! Woohoo!  I can catch up on 6 months worth of unread magazines, back logged DVR's of Gossip Girl & GCB.  And i can finally read Lauren Conrad's new book The Fame Game.  Tomorrow starts a new week, but today (tonight) here's a few instagrams of what (little) has been going on these last few months!

{just sayin} 

{happy birthday to me} 

{snagged these little beauties and couldn't say no} 

{Hares on the Mountain} 

{Best new album in a long time} 

{Amazing Kate Spades i managed to find at TJ Maxx} 

 {Desperately need these statues for my house.  It's just the $399 price tag that stopped me.}

{Went to the new candy store in town and they sold the greatest novelty sodas.  Kitty Piddle anyone?} 

{Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!} 

{My friend got the cutest new baby- Guinevere} 

{Shocking, i bought yet another polish.}

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