So it's been a minute since I was last here. I'm not gone, just on hiatus for a few more weeks. The drama llama came to visit during the sell of my house and left a pile of stink around July 1st.  That pile of stink means no Internet and no sale. Yeah Verizon decided when I said don't turn off my Internet meant yeah sure, turn it off. So you're probably wondering how are you posting this? With my new iPhone 5.  And very carefully I might add. This whole LTE is super quick, but I'm  sure at some point my unlimited data will disappear quicker than my paycheck does.

So hopefully soon, Sept 6 (fingers crossed) I will have Internet again!! And be in my new apt!! Until then follow my updates on Instagram under Platforms and Peeptoes, Twitter @nowerys81 and on Pinterest Nowerys 81.

I miss you all and will be back soon. I promise this time! I swear!!


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