Have you heard of Poshmark? Oh you have? If you have heard of Poshmark, then head on over to your app and search for me, PandP, and take a look at what I have listed.

For those of you who haven't heard of Poshmark, then let me enlighten you. Poshmark is an app where us fashionistas can buy & sell our clothes-shoes-handbags-jewelry-etc that we don't use anymore. You see, you list it, And get excited for it to sell. Once it sells, Poshmark not only sends you, the seller, a shipping label, but they house your profit (they take 20% commission) to either use towards a new purchase for yourself or you can have it deposited to your bank account.  Oh and they cover shipping. So all you need is the product, a box, mailbox and an iPhone. Easy enough right??

So if you don't have Poshmark, download the FREE app from the iTunes Store and start buying/selling! Make sure to add me, PandP, and buy my shoes I have out there!!!

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