Summer Denim 2014

With summer just a few weeks away, I'm already preparing my closet for the ridiculous heat that's about to hit Texas.  I'm not normally a big fan of shorts, especially the tiny ones that resemble underwear more than shorts, but capri's a bermuda shorts are just way too long on my short stature.  But I have found that Boyfriend Shorts are just perfect.  They should sit low on your hip bones and right above the knees.  You can dress them up with a loose fitting t-shirt, blazer & pointy toe heels. Or dress them down with a good pair of sandals and a v-neck t-shirt.

Boyfriend shorts and the most versatile type of shorts on the market these days.  And they aren't budget busters either! Above are some of my favorite boyfriend jeans on the mark these days.  I picked up a great pair of Joe's Jeans Vintage Reserve shorts from Nordstrom Rack this past weekend.

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