Bergdorf Goodman iPhone App

Ok who has an iPhone? Me! Who has the Bergdorf Goodman iPhone Application? Me! Who has disposable income to buy every shoe of the day? Ummmm..........not me. :( But I prefer to use this app to dream. Have you seen it? Upside: It's amazing. It's a free app that gives you a different shoe of the day everyday! You have 24 hours to purchase the shoe straight from you phone. You can store credit card info so all you have to do is hit send to me in size blah blah and your card will be charged and then there's a new pair of shoes at your door! Downside: I still don't make enough money to justify spending $1,200.00 on a pair of pony hair Manolo flats. Some day my friends, some day. Until then, I just dream of the pretty shoes that show up every morning........ on my of charge!

*Picture taken from Bergdorf Goodman site.  Follow link below for more details*

Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Salon App

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