Show Me Your Teeth

I am a sucker for random out of control shoes.  Like the new Jimmy Choo Light Up Platforms Sandals.  I mean look at these, they are crazy cool.  However these crazy cool shoes bring a crazythat's-one-paycheck price tag, $2,495.00. 

However, Camilla Skovgaard has taken the cake.  Or at least a bite out of the cake.  These Suede Cutout Sandals blow my mind.  The architecture of these shoes is phenomenal.  You can see the great care and design that went into the design of these shoes.  From the soft gray suede to the strong gray leather straps that zig zag around the shoe.  Once your eyes adjust to the beauty, there's a special little surprise on the bottom of these shoes.  TEETH! Rubber teeth like cut outs line the bottom of each shoe.  Crazy right? I know! Now if only the teeth would hold their shape after several wears.  Even if they wear out, they are still  sophisticated yet edgy enough to add to anyone's collection! 

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