Happy Mundane Monday!

Ramblings of an "exciting" Monday:

  • Back to work in 2011.
  • Realizing each day this is not my career of choice.
  • Live what I love.
  • Why does my boss sigh so much?
  • Ready (and determined) to lose weight.
  • Why does my cat guard me shower every time I take a shower?
  • I decided to paint my living room taupe and my guest room sage! Settled!
  • Now I have committed myself to painting.....Awesome!
  • How has guy Fieri hair not fallen out from all the bleaching? 
  • I should have stayed home today. Not worth the drive!

And finally..........

  • I need a nonfat sugar free vanilla latte from Coffee Bean. STAT!

Love is........
{Playing with your Food}

{A Tough by lovable Garden}


{Mustaches on a string}

{Being little, but being tough}

OH i almost forgot! I started the Project 365 on my iphone.  It's a personal picture-a-day calendar.  I'm excited to see what new images i can find each day.  I suggest you download it and see what develops! 

{all images from pinterest}

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