Etsy + Fair

Over the weekend my friends and I hit up the local Etsy Fair.  This time around it was much more organized than last time.  I didn't feel like i was in a cattle herd.  Since I went last time, and the majority of the booths were the same, I didn't walk away with lot.  But I did walk away with the amazing clutch pictured above.  I made Pepper try on the vintage hats and as you can see below, the hostess cupcake shaped hat was my favorite.  Lindsay scored an awesome white vintage blouse and Pepper treated herself to a beautiful handmade silver necklace.  I'm already marking my calendar for the next fair.  Too bad it's next June! Yeah 2013! Gives me time to save up more money.  

If the Etsy Fair comes to your neighborhood, I would make a good effort to go.  You will not be let down.  

|  Boots: Target {similar}  |  Leggings: Target {similar}  |  Shirts:  H&M & Anthrpologie {old}  |

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