Great Lengths: A Hair Crisis

I am having a hair crisis.  I like my long hair, but its starting to get to me.  How come when I wake up it can't look like any of the ladies above?  I mean, why can't i just wake up with the "i-just-woke-up-to-these-strategically-placed-soft-waves" hair?  When I wake up it looks more like i slept doing a headstand.  I mean, how does ones hair only puff up around the crown of the head, EVERY TIME?

I curl my hair on occasion, but it looks like Shirley Temple with long ringlets instead of Blake Lively's beachy waves. And by mid day, its flat. Oh except the sides.  They stay curled, all bloody day.

So readers, I have a mission for you.  Anyone have any great suggestions on how to get any of the looks above?  I know I'm doing something wrong, but what is it?  is it the curling iron?  The products?  The technique?  Please ladies (and gents) any suggestions would be fabulous.

{images via Pinterest}

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