Daily Routine: The Face Edition

Let me start with the basics, I have super-duper out-of-control oily skin. As a teenager, I never really had bad acne or skin problems, but as soon as I hit my 20's, my body began to rejecting the idea of clear skin.  It took me years and lots of dollars to find products that worked with my skin. Here's a few of the products I use that help keep my oil spill of a face under control.

From left to right:

Aveda- Purifying gel cleanser: I use this every morning before I put on make up. It's an all natural cleanser, that doesn't use harsh fragrances or alcohol like ingredients that are horrible for oily skin.  It leaves my face clean, but not dried out and is a great prep before I apply make-up. ($28)  

Mario Badescu- Botanical Facial Gel: This is my go to daily face wash for evenings.  Again, it's another all natural wash for super oily skin.  It's a super gentle exfoliate that's non-abrasive and is a good choice for daily care. ($12)

Kiehl's- Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser: When my skin decides to go over board on the oil production, I break out this wonderful creation.  It helps exfoliate & detoxify with each wash and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. ($22.50)

Clinique- Exfoliating Scrub: I can never thank my friend Pepper enough for introducing me to this wonderful exfoliant.  If you have super-duper crazy oily skin, I highly recommend you purchase this.  I use it once a week for a deep clean.  The peppermint in it is so refreshing and calming.  And my skin is ridiculously clean afterwards, I almost go makeup free all day.  Buy this!! ($19.50)

Kiehl's- Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner:  I use this every night after I wash my face, just to get rid of the extra grossness that face wash couldn't remove.  ($16)

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment: Dab a little bit of this below your eyes before bed to help keep your under eyes refreshed & moisturized.($28.50)

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