Hello BombShell!

It's that time of year ladies when those of use who don't look like those ladies above decide to not eat again, ever! Just Kidding! But no really, it's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show time!  This show went so well with my plate of fettucini alfredo!
I do adore this show, though. I don't think i've ever missed a show.  Everything about this show just oozes sexy.  And I've got a little girl crush on Alessandra Ambrosio.  Really homegirl had a baby a few months before this show and she looks like that.  Ok, scratch that, I dislike her. 

Anywho, the show was amazing as usual.  Rhianna rocked it, Bruno Mars slayed it, and well, i don't really care for Justin Bieber, but i guess the lady boy was ok.  My goal is to one day go to the show in person.  So who can get me in for next year? No really.  Who can hook this girl up?

{images via Business Insider}

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