Earlier this year I found out (by trial and error) I have a gluten intolerance.  Due to my various autoimmune issues, my body dislikes gluten and lets me know by giving me vicious headaches, tummy troubles and sleepless nights. It's something I had wondered for years because anytime I would eat something with gluten in it, I would have the issues listed above and then some.  I would have such severe bloating if I ate a sandwich for lunch, I wouldn't eat dinner.  So I decided to give up gluten to the best of my abilities. But tell you what,you'd be surprised at what food products have gluten in them.  I've managed to replace most items in my daily routine, but the hardest was chocolate chip cookies.  I am a chocolate chip cookie maniac! I would deal with the headaches and other issues to eat them.  But imagine my surprise when I found this tub of GF cookie dough today at Tom Thumb. OMG so good!  I've had various other types of GF cookie dough and they all were too sweet & too dry.  I know this is a blog dedicated to shoes & fashion, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share this wonderful find.  

Pillsbury also makes GF pie & pastry dough, as well as pizza dough.  I think with this new find I will try to tackle a homemade pie for Thanksgiving this year.  Or those pumpkin flavored cinnamon rolls I saw on Pinterest today.  Now I am going to go eat those chocolate chip cookies.  Or at least whats left of them.  

Bon Appetite y'all!!

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