The (high) Hills

     I love the girls on The Hills however some of their shoes choices are a little questionable.  Now LC always had great shoes, except in season 1, but all is forgiven.  Audrina seems to live and sleep in biker boots, but that fits her rocker chick style.  Now Kristin on the other hand, seems to keep buying the shoes that were popular before she became the star of the Hills.  And now they are not so great.  Especially when she looks like she's going to fall over face first.  And plus her shoes do NOT go with the outfit.  She needed open toes to go with this look she was attempting to work during filming with Audrina.  The YSL High heels look like they are just too big for her.  Just because the Barney's sample sale had them in your size doesn't mean you need to purchase them.  

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