Sex and the City 2 Premiere

So tonight is the premiere of SATC 2 in New York.  With the vast and wildly amazing outfits these ladies have worn throughout the years, I was hoping these ladies would bring out the big guns to match their on screen fashions.  I have to say i'm disappointed. Granted Kristen Davis looks amazing in the hot pink vintage number, the others are just, well, eehhh ok.  I like the color of SJP's dress, but that's all i like.  It makes her hips look huge and there's nothing else to make it stand out.  Kim looks boring and Cynthia looks alright.  Maybe Patricia Fields should have styled them on the red carpet that night.  Here's to hoping they will be more daring at the London premiere.

PS- I hate SJP's shoes!  They don't work with the outfit.  Maybe a splash of color to play off the yellow not make it even more dull.  And why is no one wearing any jewelry?? I see no necklaces and very minimal earrings.  Blah! Boring! 

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