A Vibrant Weekend.

{breakfast tacos from Bread Winners}

{the amazing view of the patio at Bread Winners}

{copper red it is}

{my cute new desk and office starting to come together}

       Did some fun things this weekend but a few highlights included getting my hair done (finally)!  It all started on saturday with an amazing brunch from Bread Winners in Dallas which included chirzo breakfast tacos and yummy peasant potatoes.  This was followed up by a much needed appointment with my fabulous stylist Abbey at Salon Pompeo.  Finally got the color back into my hair so now i'm a sunny shade of copper red.  I capped off the day with a little drinking and story telling at the Bush's house.  We ended up having a special little visitor climbing through the trees above our party area.  This visitor was about 4 feet long and slimy.  Still having nightmares from that HUGE snake.  Today was very lazy except for the Target run, but hey i got 2 new bookshelves and a desk.  The office is finally starting to come together.  I can't wait to have this house done!!  Its all coming together, slowly but surely!  Now it's off to relax for the last few ours of the evening.  Ciao! 

{photos taken by me and my oh so professional iPhone}

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  1. that breakfast looks so yummy! i loveee it :)


  2. They were amazing! Thanks for reading!