Dancing Shoes.

       Guess who got her some new dancing shoes?  Oh that would be me!  So imagine, you're are obsessed with finding a sassy yet structured pair of oxfords (for a reasonable price of course) and you have struck out numerous amount of times.  {See my obsession with oxfords here, here annnnnd here} Well imagine my surprise as I was walking through Target about to pass my favorite section and something shiny catches my eye.  Ok maybe not shiny but something very snazzy.  New oxfords with gold tips! I kept looking at them and trying them on, but i was unsure if I wanted to but them because I figured they'd be expensive.  Well guess what?  They were only $14.98! Can you believe it? What a steal! So not only do I have the oxfords I have dreamt of having, but I didn't have to break the bank!

{::photos by me and my professional iPhone::}

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