Playing Dress Up

I picked up some new dresses from Target that have been catching my eye.  I had been stalking this white lace with lime green lining for quite some time.  I liked the one with the orange lining and the white lining, but red hair doesn't mess well with orange clothing.  

I also spotted this lovely little stripped number that is going to be great for fall.  I can still wear it now, since they like to blast the air at work, but i'm thinking this will look especially cute shortened about 3 inches & with ankle boots.  Possible the lace up boots I saw at Nordstrom with killer studs.  But it will also look great with a sleek pair of black patent stilettos.  There's also some floral skinny jeans & super frayed skinnies at Target too, but those will have to wait until they carry something other than a size 1 or 17.  I am neither! 

{White Target dress not available online --- Brown & black dress Target

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  1. Hi!
    I just bought that white lace dress with the lime green lining. I dont know how to accessorize it (heels &jewelry) so if you could give me some suggestions. I a wearing it for a charity event in a casino ballroom.


    1. We'll lets see. You got me thinking on this one. When I wore this dress to work one day, i kept it simple since the detail in this dress should really be showcased. I'd not wear a necklace, but perhaps some chandelier earrings (nothing too over the top though cause it will take away from the dress) either gold or even a bright pink if your feeling saucy. Now I'd also rock some great arm party pieces: like a gold watch, gold bangle's, maybe even throw in some, magenta or pink. I'd stay away from a yellow or orange, it would clash with the green. Now shoes (my favorite) I'd go a little bold and wear leopard print if you have them. Even a purple would look great! You could go strappy, peep-toes, platforms, or even a pointed close toe. My thought is not too matchy matchy, but fun, playful, and bold! I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes and have lots of fun!