{Arm} Party Swag

Anyone who knows me, knows i've been rocking the arm party for years!  Even before the Manrepeller coined the popular phrase.  Yes, I rocked the giant bracelets.  I've even been known for wear close to 75 super thin multicolored bangles at any given point. (Let's be real, the only thing stopping me from wearing more was that i didn't have anymore.) 

But since then my arm party has evolved from a drunken frat party look, to a more streamlined, functional, yet fun arm party.  I'm absolutely obsessed with a 2 key pieces that I wear everyday.  And if i don't wear them, i feel naked.  Like when you forget your phone and you feel completely lost, like your gonna have a panic attack if you don't check Instagram (FB, <--enter your own iphone app addiction here) feeling?  Yeah that's how I feel when I forget my gold watch & my Tiffany's bracelet.  

Here's a look at the key pieces that I wear/mix almost everyday into my arm party.

{Target: Mint & Gold

{All bracelets from Forever 21

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