For some time now, I've seen several of my fav bloggers wearing some pretty awesome skinny trousers.  I like the idea of dressing them up with a blouse & heels or even wearing them casually with Chuck Taylor's, a well-worn v-neck shirt & a comfy boyfriend cardigan. It seems like every time I go shopping for a pair, I find a pair, try them on, and they never fit right (unless you have that superior inner thigh gap that whistles when the wind blows).  They are either way too long or my fav, I end up being in between sizes.  

With that long ass back story, let us flash forward to Monday.  I decided to take my happy (re: lazy) butt to Old Navy.  Really I was going there to grab the bright neon yellow pointy toe flats, but decided to look around.  Now with Old Navy (ON & I go way back, like to 1999) I'm pretty familiar with their sizing so usually I steer clear of buying pants that are sized by numbers.  But today I took a chance and tried on their Rockstar skinny trousers (as seen above far left) and to my surprise, they fit! I am so excited to finally find a pair that weren't $100+, but were only $34.50!  So if you've been looking for these same style, hop on down to Old Navy.  These pants come into 3 colors, dark gray, khaki & army green.  

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