Skirting the Issue

       So today the thermostat read 101 F.  Summers here, unfortunately she's a little early.  Texas doesn't usually hit 100 until July, but she decided to grace us with her presence in June.  Isn't that nice? Any-hot-and-humid-weather, jeans or any long or heavy fabric is no longer welcome in my wardrobe.  I have begun making room in my closet for skirts and lots of them.  They are light weight, airy, and oh-so-comfortable! At least when winter arrives I can mix them in with some tights and super cute ankle booties!  

1. Anthropologie Abundant Palette Skirt $118.00
2. Anthropologie Pollen Promise Skirt $99.95
3. Anthropologie Masterpiece Awaits Skirt $59.95
4. Anthropologie Victoria Valentine Skirt $118.00
5. Forever 21 Tiered Pleated Skirt $19.80
6. Forever 21 Geometric Knit Skirt $12.90

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