The Sweet Smell of Summer

With the Texas summer heater blasting in full force, it's HOT out.  Which usually means, as soon as you walk outside, you smell like you've been working out.  But the only time I really want to smell like I worked out, is, well, when i worked out.  That's where these smell good gems come into play. 

 My typical scent usually revolves around vanilla's & musk like Marc Jacobs Daisy or Burberry London.    But during these blazing months of summer, I tend to gravitate towards the more citrusy nectary smells.

From left to right:

Benefits Ring my Bella- I've never been too big on strong floral scents, but the mixes of Peonies, Jasmine, Roses & Patchouli mix beautifully with vanilla to create a long lasting scent that I'm getting compliments on all the time.

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!- Oh Lola may be Lola's little sister, but she sure does pack a sweet & juicy punch! What a yummy mix of raspberry, peonies, pears & vanilla!  What's great, is that a little goes a long way! So it's sure to last you quite some time!

Fresh's Sugar Lemon-  This scent really needs no words.  It's my absolute favorite.  It's such a clean scent that really, I wear it all year long.  Fresh makes such great products, but this scent is the one i've been going back to for the past 7 years!  

Escada's Taj Sunset-As you can tell I've gravitated quite a bit towards this one.  I've been wearing the limited summer scents for the past 11 years.  It's long lasting scent is sweet but not over powering. It makes me feel super girly every time I wear it.  Not to mention the guys love it too!

Marc Jacobs Lola- Like Fresh, I wear tis one all year long.  Would you believe that between the vanilla,  grapefruits & peonies, there's hints of pink peppercorn? Peppercorn! Crazy right?  No! Wonderful! This is probably the most transitional scent i've ever bought.  But again Marc Jacobs can do no wrong in my eyes!  


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