Bauble Bar

       Ummm, did someone forget to tell the accessories whore about Bauble Bar???  Holy neon bib necklaces batman!  This site is crazy good!  My left arm went numb and I had to pop a Bayer to get my heart going again when I found this site!  I've been on this site everyday looking for my next fix!  Between the turquoise-ball bib necklace and all the day glow necklaces, I'm gonna need a new wall to affix hooks to!  Please do yourself a favor, and visit Bauble Bar today! 

{Take that pop of neon and shove it in their faces}

{I don't have pierced ears, but if I did, i'd buy these beauties}

{who wouldn't like a personalized Arm Party from the man repeller herself?}

{I'm on the wait list for this gem- hope it's available soon}

{a jazzy little citrus number for your wrist}

{photos from Bauble Bar}

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