Always a Bridesmaid.

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       Well, actually, i'm not even a bridesmaid, but ya know.  It's starting to feel that way.  Especially since I just got ANOTHER "Save the Date" card.  When is it my turn?? Though I haven't quite found the right groom {yet ;)}.  

       On Friday, I was on a mad hunt for a dress for a dressy, yet comfy wedding that's coming up.  After trying on half a dozen dresses at H&M, to no avail, I hopped on over, well walked down the stairs, to Zara's.  I'd been there before, but never really found anything that screamed buy me! (that i could at least afford, cause trust me, I have found plenty of items i can NOT legally afford)  I did try on a few dresses and 1 XXL leopard print button up.  I have big boobs & thought MAYBE juuuust maybe it would fit- yeah no. TOOO big.  {Insert sad face here}  The one dress I really wanted kind-of didn't fit, but I wanted it just 1 size larger.  No one wants to see my VPL.  However, I did find this gorgeous cobalt/navy blue dress with an amazing plaited necklace.  How hot is this?  I hope it looks this good on me! I wanted to find the perfect yellow shoes, but was able to find a pair of nude strapy heels from Target that didn't take any attention away from the dresses neckline.  Gorgeous right?  More pics to come of that fringe in action!  Stay tuned!

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