Since spring is inching it's way closer, I keep getting urges to purchase pieces to start building my wardrobe.  One item, well trend really, that I keep going to is Emerald.  Or various shades of green, but Emerald to me is the main one.  Simply because it looks great on my pale skin, red hair & freckles. Emerald really is one of the most versatile color on the pantone wheel of color.  Since emerald can be as bright as the emerald earrings, to the deep green of the Acne swede leggings.  And in contrast to the neon trend that keeps going and going, you can at least wear emerald in a full jumpsuit and not look like a skydiver or walking bullseye.  

I definitely plan on incorporating emerald in great quantities into my wardrobe this spring.
I'm still trying to find affordable emerald pumps that won't cost a small fortune. Any help in that area my friends would be greatly appreciated! 

How do you plan on wearing emerald this season?

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