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What is Etre Shop you ask?  Well, Etre is a London-based design agency that was created in 2007 with an idea that would change the world.  This idea would be called the Etre Touchy Wool Gloves.  With the advancement of touch screen technology, a hand made glove that would not only keep your fingers warm, but would allow you to still use your phone.  I don't know about y'all, but these gloves are genius!  I actually had to cut the fingers off my gloves just to use keep my hands warm while using my iPhone.  I'm sad I just heard about these now, but i'm so glad I finally did!  

Etre has parlayed their success with the Touchy Wool Gloves into beautifully crafted Melton wool coats, hand knitted hats and scarves, and well constructed leather gloves, satchels & carry-alls. Every item is beautifully constructed with the highest quality of materials.  Click here to visit Etre's shop to purchase some (or all) of these beautiful pieces.  Oh and I almost forgot! They ship to the US!! Score!

{Images courtesy of Etre}

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  1. i love those texting gloves, gotta get me some of those!