MAC Glamour Daze

Tuesday night, my good friend Pepper and I drove our fabulous selves to MAC in Plano to attend the Glamour Daze event.  As every MAC girl knows, when they invite you to a private event to showcase their new line, you go! 
The Glamour Daze line is the epitome of girly.  Pinks, pearls, iridescence, sexy, & feminine would be he best words to describe this line.  It was hard for me to stay within my budget, but I managed to snag two new eye shadows and not break the bank.  I'm waiting until the line becomes available to the public on Thursday Oct 25 to decide if I want to buy yet another brush & bag set.  

 {How cute are these two?}
{We were given a check list of all the new items in the line.  Kept it since I marked my wish list items}
{i want almost all items in this line. $14+ depending on the item-Sorry kind of blurry took with iPhone}
 {I'm thinking the pistachio green brushes need to added to my collection. $42}
 {The cute clutch not only holds the blush & lip set, but is also a clutch with a mirror! $79.50}
{My purchases: L- Stolen Moment : R-Stylish Merry $14.50 each}

{All images taken by me.}

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