Fall Trend: Ox Blood

Ox Blood.  Kind of a disturbing trend huh?  Ox Blood is burgundy's naughty older sister who is constantly breaking curfew.  (see my post on burgundy statement pieces here).  I love burgundy, but there's something almost romantic about Ox Blood.  Maybe it's my slightly gothic side, but Ox Blood is so rich, it reminds me of the Victoria era.  (I keep picturing Brad Pitt from Interview with a Vampire for some reason.)
I truly love red during these winter/fall months, but the same bright and vibrant red I would wear in spring & summer doesn't quite translate into the fall very well.  This deep, rich red is such an amazing color for the fall. I prefer to wear it on my feet, nails and in my hair.  How will you be wearing ox blood?

 {See, even Miss Courtney Kerr is rocking the oxblood this week on What Courtney Wore.  Isn't she just fabulous?}

{first image via Bergdorf Princess Tumbler}

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2 love:

  1. i love that nail polish and coat! good link to all the essie burgundy shades, that was helpful!


    1. Lauren, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad the link was helpful. I'm planning on getting a few more shades of burgundy really soon myself!