As most who have read this blog for years now, I have quite the addiction to Bauble Bar.  Now I also have an addiction to Anthropologie.  Now imagine my surprise to hear Bauble Bar released a special collaboration with Anthropologie that you can only get in store or online.  I haven't seen the collection in person yet, but I am making it my duty to check it out in person this weekend and hopefully snag a necklace or two.
Just lurking the collection online, I am absolutely enamored with this collection. I'm obsessing over the earrings above and I am almost considering getting my ears pierced to wear these ladies.  (re: almost considering, but probably won't actually do it... I'm chicken) The collection includes earrings, necklaces, & bracelets.  With prices ranging between $32- $68.  If you've bought Bauble Bar before, then know not only are these prices great, but the quality you get from them is good too.  I'd check it out before it's all gone!  

Have you bought anything from Bauble Bar x Anthropolgie yet?  What did you get. 

Images via Anthropologie

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