The much anticipated Peter Pilotto line launched in stores & online this morning.  I didn't get up super early like I did for the Phillip Lim or the Prabal Gurung lines, but I did make my way to my local Target to see if there was anything left. (BTW, sorry for the grainy pics, I used my iPhone to be all sneaky)   And to my surprise, my Target had the whole line; sunglasses and all.  It didn't however, get the coveted strapless dress (here), but what they did have is still fully stocked.  The only piece I really wanted was the sunglasses.  However, they were way to small for my round face.  There was 1 shirt that i felt like I just had to have (see here), so I'm debating whether or not to go get it.  Still really torn on if it's worth the money or not. 

Even though I'm really so-so about this line, I can contend the fabric this time around is much better.  It didn't feel like 100% (and then some) polyester like the Phillip Lim pieces.  The swim suit & beach wears (i.e: rash guards) don't really make a lot of sense unless you live near a beach where you can surf.  We're in Dallas.  The closes place to surf, is an indoor surf park in Willowbend Mall.  (Yes, you can surf a fake wave in a mall.  Gotta love suburbia!) I think maybe, I'd be more into the bold prints if it was closer to summer time.  It's hard to make a true hawaiian print work here in Texas, that is, unless you work for Trader Joe's.  Overall, I give the line B+.  Maybe I'll wait a few weeks to see what goes on sale and be able to get several pieces that I didn't know I wanted.    

{all terrible/grainy photos taken by me & my Trusty iPhone 5}

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